And so it begins…..

Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about what we are doing with Multiverse War.

The idea is simple enough, take all of the war games people love to play and connect them all in one single universe.

Multiverse will have a separate lore and story independent of whatever game system players are using. A variety of war games can be used to give Multiverse War ship to ship space battles, ground skirmishes, naval battles and RPG player missions that work together in concert with each other.

The galaxy of the Multiverse is divided up into sectors. Each sector is controlled by the faction that conquered it.

When your gaming group joins MW, each player in your group will represent a different Multiverse Faction. Two or more factions will battle for control of different sectors. Your faction’s wins and losses will be combined with other groups wins and losses. The faction that wins the most battles in that sector will gain control of it. These battles will be setup on the website to coincide with a narrative. Some sectors will have bonuses, special features, strategic advantage and storyline twists.

The object of the game is for your faction to control as many sectors on the map as possible at the end of the war.

Each war will last a set amount of time (4-6 weeks). Each faction controlled sector will be tracked on the galaxy map, website, facebook, etc. At the end of each war, a new map is generated and the process starts over. In time, our hopes are to offer some sort of prize for the winning faction.

We have plans to build an app and a few other interactive things in the future. Right now we are just trying to see how much player interest there is to get started.

We would love your help, opinions, and observations on all of this. We thought it would be a fun way to get a little competition going while still playing the games you enjoy with the people you know.

We have a Discord server that we hang out in everyday. Ive made a Multiverse War category so we can kick ideas around with everyone. If this is something youre interested in, join the Discord and say hi.

Joey / Anim8

Miniatureverse Discord:

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